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Unfair bus fares

March 29, 2007

Re "MTA fare hike plan is opposed by riders," March 24

At a time of growing public frustration with freeway traffic and high gasoline prices, few leaders have offered fresh ideas. Instead, we continue to subsidize big oil, big automakers, the trucking industry and home builders by widening freeways. If we redirected a fraction of that subsidy toward public transportation, we could eliminate the Metropolitan Transportation Authority fares altogether. It's this kind of bold move that would entice drivers out of their cars.


Granada Hills


The Bus Riders Union has created this current financial crisis and should have no input in this discussion. For 10 years, the union has handcuffed the MTA with no fare increase. Yet MTA agreed to this lunacy by accepting the consent decree. Now, MTA wants to erase 10 years of bad policy in two years by more than doubling the cost of monthly passes. This is ridiculous. How can transit riders even begin to budget for this kind of an increase?

If these proposed fares are approved, my eight years as a discretionary transit rider will come to an end July 1. And not even a subway to the sea will bring me back.


Culver City

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