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Look harder for insurance funding

March 31, 2007

Re "Insuring kids may squeeze seniors," March 26

Although I would like underprivileged children to have health insurance, the health insurance of the senior citizen who has paid his dues throughout his lifetime should not be compromised. As a senior who paid into Social Security for 52 years, I want the benefits I paid for and earned. Perhaps some of the vast budget it takes to run this war on terrorism could be shifted to health insurance for underprivileged children.


Los Angeles


One cannot refute the logic that resources are limited and priorities dictate that a fiscal review is appropriate. May I suggest an audit of congressional salaries and benefits? I am certain that if such an audit were to reveal that Congress had benefited by an increase in salaries and benefits that exceeded the cost of living, that lawmakers would unabashedly make the proper income adjustment and credit the difference to the proposed welfare of uninsured children. Our congressional leaders should be the first to make sacrifices as an example to seniors who are on fixed incomes.


Chino Hills

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