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Alternative ideas for sea

May 05, 2007

Re "Salton Sea is at a crucial juncture," April 30

The state proposal to spend $6 billion to reduce the Salton Sea's size and salinity and build ponds for habitat restoration is a huge waste of taxpayers' money.

The sea is the result of an accidental Colorado River levee breach, not a natural body of water. It should be allowed to dry up and let nature take its course. That much money could fund healthcare for many Californians.




The state Department of Water Resources' draft plan will cost $6 billion over 75 years. As with any government project, the cost and duration will increase over time. The agency's plan is large, costly and probably very complex.

A much simpler solution to the Salton Sea problem is to lay two pipelines from the Pacific Ocean to the Salton Sea, one for inlet from the ocean to the sea, the second for outlet from the sea to the ocean. With the appropriate pumping stations, the system would provide a much cleaner sea at much lower initial cost and long-term maintenance.


Thousand Oaks

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