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Morning Briefing

Selanne needs 16 up close

May 30, 2007|Chris Foster | Times Staff Writer

The Ducks' Teemu Selanne faced a tremendous challenge Monday.

Playing against the Ottawa Senators? Nope.

Finding tickets.

Selanne had to scrounge 16 so that some of his childhood buddies -- clad in orange shirts with "Teemu" on the chest -- could be at the Honda Center.

"It was 15 or 14 years ago, before I came to the NHL, I said if I ever got to the Stanley Cup finals they would come too," Selanne told the Associated Press. "They have good memories."

Problem was, Selanne was unable to get 16 seats together, so his friends were scattered throughout the arena.

"It was funny, I looked out over the crowd at one point early in the game and saw three or four in one spot, two in another, maybe five in another," Selanne said.

It could happen Ducks fans: Your favorite player outside the arena early tonight with an "I need tickets" sign.

Trivia time

Who was the last player from a Canadian professional sports team to receive an individual postseason trophy in victory?

Bagging the limit

On the front page of its sports section Tuesday, The Washington Post mistakenly teased readers to a story inside with a listing that said "Senators 3, Ducks 2."

Then again, it could have been the final tally from Dick Cheney's latest hunting trip.

Ducks nor pucks

If there is one person who should be intensely interested in the Stanley Cup finals, it's Bill Bowers, president of the Ottawa Duck Club.

Alas, "I'm not really into hockey," Bowers said in a telephone interview. "I like the NBA. I hate to say it, but I think the San Antonio Spurs are going to take it. I was hoping that wouldn't happen. I like Steve Nash. I don't like Bruce Bowen."

Bowers' job is similar to owner Henry Samueli -- he heads a Duck preservation society.

But while the sanctuary is located near the Senators' Scotiabank Place, Bowers said, "I don't go to games too often. I'm not that interested."

An Ottawan with duck ties not interested?

Somewhere, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman just cringed.

There were streets?

The Ottawa Citizen tracked down 99-year-old Russell Williams, who witnessed the Ottawa Senators win their last Stanley Cup ... in 1927.

"I guess it's the greatest sporting event I was ever at," Williams told the Citizen. "I remember there was lots of celebration in the streets."

Not to be outdone, the Chicago Tribune is seeking a fan who witnessed the Chicago Cubs' last World Series championship -- but has had trouble digging one up.

Truth in advertising

In an effort to market Linux, the Tux 500 campaign solicited $1 donations from the computer operating systems' website "community."

\o7"Our goal is simple: we want to collect community donations to enter a Linux sponsored car in the 2007 Indianapolis 500. ... will you do your part?

\f7Well, that car crashed Sunday. Call it a hard driver error.

Trivia answer

The Toronto Blue Jays' Paul Molitor, the World Series most valuable player in 1993.

And finally ...

Seeing their team lose at home for the first time in eight playoff games, unhappy Utah Jazz fans took out their frustration on -- who else? -- the Spurs' Bowen.

"They threw Carmex [lip balm] at me," Bowen said. "I like Carmex, but not getting it thrown at me."

Could it have been they thought he was doing a little too much lipping off?


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