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Keep roads open for firefighters

November 01, 2007

Re "Can firefighters squeeze past?" Oct. 30

I live in a hillside area subject to red flag parking restrictions and have heard many of the same complaints from my neighbors.

What The Times fails to mention is that many of these individuals have garages that are being used for purposes other than parking cars.

The Times also fails to mention that it is not just one firetruck getting by. In a brush-fire situation with cars parked on a street, a firetruck that stops to deal with a fire in one location would block access for any additional trucks.

We all should be grateful for our firefighters and do everything possible to facilitate their work.

Murray Levy

Pacific Palisades


As one who has spent far too much time trying to get past cars parked in no-parking zones, I have a suggestion. Fines and impounds are mere nuisances to those who consider themselves above the law. How about enforcing the laws with a steamroller?

Arthur O. Armstrong

Manhattan Beach

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