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Other views on TV news

November 09, 2007

Re "Funny, it sounds like the news," Opinion, Nov. 6

Jonah Goldberg is upset because younger viewers are turning to fake news broadcasts and "believe that they can deduce what's going on in the real world from jokes on a fake newscast." But how is this any different from conservative talk radio shows, which are also comedy shows that purport to inform by ridiculing current events? Since fake news has been so successful on radio, why is it any surprise that it is also a success on TV? Stephen Colbert and Rush Limbaugh are two sides of the same coin.

Tom Graves

Newbury Park


As a member for longer than I care to admit of that portion of TV viewers who are "consumers of denture cream, adult diapers and pharmacological marital aides," I want to testify that I and many of my contemporaries are avid fans of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report," as well as sustainers of not only network news but the daily newspaper. You might wish to factor that in.

Ruth Lampert


Culver City

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