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College Football Spotlight

Call it an odds move, but Kentucky passes on point

October 21, 2007|Peter Yoon

A new, but obscure college football rule caused some confusion and uproar in Las Vegas on Saturday after Florida defeated Kentucky, 45-37, barely covering the seven-point spread.

Kentucky scored a touchdown on the game's final play, yet rather than attempt an extra point, the Wildcats, following an NCAA rule put in play last season, walked off the field while the Gators celebrated.

The rule states that "if a touchdown is scored during a down in which time in the fourth period expires, the try shall not be attempted unless the point(s) would affect the outcome of the game."

Las Vegas Hilton sports book director Jay Kornegay said Kentucky backers thought they were going to get a push, and Florida supporters started to deflate.

"That all quickly changed when the crowd began to realize the rule," Kornegay told the Associated Press.

"The reversal of fortune happened within just a few seconds. It was priceless."

Kornegay said the game was probably one of the more heavily bet games of the day and most football fans don't know the rule.

At the MGM Mirage, people went "nuts," sports book manager Jeff Stonebeck said.

"We took lots of $5,000 and $10,000 bets on that game," said Stonebeck.

-- Peter Yoon

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