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Two-minute Drill

October 22, 2007|Houston Mitchell

at Detroit 23, Tampa Bay 16: Kitna's prediction of 10 wins for the Lions doesn't look quite so silly now.

at New Orleans 22, Atlanta 16: Saints shouldn't get too excited about narrowly beating the Falcons.

Tennessee 38, at Houston 36: Games such as this are why football has become the No. 1 sport.

at Washington 21, Arizona 19: A confused Joe Gibbs spends 10 minutes after game looking for victory circle.

New England 49, at Miami 28: Even Patriots fans should have a hard time defending team for running up the score.

at Buffalo 19, Baltimore 14: As always, Kyle Boller plays just well enough to barely lose.

at N.Y. Giants 33, San Francisco 15: Giants are again raising hopes of their fans . . . to disappoint them again?

Kansas City 12, at Oakland 10: An irate Al Davis threatens to sue Priest Holmes for "not staying retired."

at Cincinnati 38, N.Y. Jets 31: No one is calling Eric Mangini the "Mangenius" this season.

at Seattle 33, St. Louis 6: Even if the Rams moved back to L.A., we still wouldn't have a pro team.

at Dallas 24, Minnesota 14: Still waiting for Childress to explain why he didn't give the ball to Peterson more often.

Chicago 19, at Philadelphia 16: That sound you heard was the Eagles' season coming to an end.

at Denver 31, Pittsburgh 28: Who do the Broncos think they are, the Rockies?

Open date: Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, San Diego.

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