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Little things about the Nokia Theatre

October 23, 2007

Re "L.A. theater's effect an open question," Oct. 19

I welcome the opening of the Nokia Theatre and L.A. Live, but I am perplexed by the coverage in The Times, in almost all local media and in marketing materials for the venues.

With traffic congestion literally getting worse every day, it's a shame that their close proximity to the Metro Blue Line is not just applauded but shouted from the rooftops.

By simply including this important information, more people will likely get out of their cars and onto the Metro.

Miles Crakow

Los Angeles

On opening night, I attended the Dixie Chicks/Eagles concert at the new Nokia Theatre. The facility is beautiful and the acoustics are excellent, but a couple of major problems have yet to resolved. On opening night, the temperature was uncomfortably warm in the mezzanine, and the concession stand sold out of many food items well before the show had begun. I hope these issues will be addressed immediately.

Crystal Griffin


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