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Big in blue

September 01, 2007

Brad Penny will be the most excited player with David Wells joining the Dodgers. He will have someone to accompany him to Hometown Buffet.

Rod Hersberger

Santa Barbara

Just read the world's shortest book, "How to Build a Baseball Dynasty," by Ned Colletti.

First, bring in some great pitchers, i.e. Schmidt, Wolf, Tomko, Hendrickson, Proctor.

Second, add some power hitters, i.e. Garciaparrra, Pierre, Hillenbrand, Sweeney, Lieberthal.

Third, hire some clueless guy to manage your team.

Now, just sit back and enjoy the results.

Gayle White

Palm Desert

Why can't ballplayers tell it like it really is?

For example, in Wednesday's paper, after a slumping Dodgers team puts a couple of wins together, Mark Sweeney says, "When you're winning one-run ballgames, it's a good indication that you're playing good baseball."

However, we all know that, if he was telling it like it really is, he would say something like this, "When the Dodgers are winning one-run ballgames, there's a good chance we're playing the Washington Nationals."

William Michael

Dana Point

I hear ownership has plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers in L.A. in 2008 (no doubt with another barrage of price increases).

So let's also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Dodgers' last appearance in the World Series.

Given the current GM's penchant for trading young talent for no talent (Betemit/Proctor) and dumping left-handed power hitting off the bench for bloop singles (Anderson/Sweeney), also erratic pitching for horrific pitching (Tomko/Wells), all the while picking up and hanging on to broken-down veterans; the indications are that Dodgers fans will be left to preview a third decade of mediocrity.

Vic Miranda

Agoura Hills

Picking up another injury-prone pitcher, this time Esteban Loiaza, might do little for the Dodgers in the win column. But it guarantees one thing for General Manager Ned Colletti: It gets him major Scrabble points.

Darren Pollock

Los Angeles

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