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Light green: Doing what you can

September 02, 2007|Danny Seo

"It's all about the choices you have to make. Unfortunately, celebrities have different choices. For a celebrity to give up a dream home -- it's not really a feasible option. . . . You have to pick and choose and then fess up. I'm not trying to present green like medicine. I'm trying to put a big heaping spoon of sugar on top of it. It's not only a better solution, it's a more ecological solution."

-- Danny Seo

Green lifestyle consultant, contributor to CBS' "The Early Show" and author of the "Simply Green" book series


Here are Seo's top tips for "light green" celebrities:

1. Detox your house(s). Ask the housekeeper to switch to Method all-purpose sprays and wipes and use their O-Mop; the detachable microfiber head grips onto dirt and bacteria and is machine-washable. The best part? If the housekeeper forgets to stash the bottle away, the celebrity may never notice; the bottles are sleekly designed, they may think it's art!

2. Empower the personal assistant. Have the assistant bring old cellphones and BlackBerry devices to any Best Buy, RadioShack or Lowe's store for recycling. Switch to green power from your local utility company, plug all your electronics into a power strip (so it can be switched off for good when the celeb is off on a movie set for weeks), and send them to IKEA to pick up the silicone-covered compact fluorescent lightbulbs.

3. Green laundry. You may have picked up piles of organic cotton shirts, dresses and coats from Saks, but to keep them looking new, you have to dry-clean them. Use an eco-friendly detergent instead that's super-concentrated; a little capful goes a long way. And one more thing your assistant can do. . .

4. Green gifts. Hollywood is gift basket central. Send out organic dried fruit, nuts and other treats instead. Or send a bouquet of fresh, organic roses.

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