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Policy is unfair to legal drivers

September 03, 2007

Re "LAPD curbs its seizure of vehicles," Aug. 29

What is wrong with the people who run our city? The police are forbidden to ask a person if he is in the country legally, and now they're going to stop impounding the cars of illegal aliens?

I'll bet they all teach their children about the consequences of their actions and taking personal responsibility. Why don't they treat adults, especially law-breaking adults, the same way?

Sandra Jackson


Unlicensed drivers have no right to operate a vehicle on public roads. The police should not only impound vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers but also determine how said unlicensed driver obtained the vehicle and charge its owner or seller.

Roger G. Pariseau Jr.


When the police decide not to tow the cars of unlicensed drivers because they might be illegal aliens who can't get licenses, they are discriminating against licensed drivers. The police must enforce the law equally against everyone. So, they either tow all illegally parked cars or not tow any illegally parked cars.

Joanne Minsky

San Francisco

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