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They have a lot of sand

September 05, 2007

Re "Public sand, but a private playground," Sept. 2

Zev Yaroslavsky has been finding excuses for his entire tenure as a Los Angeles County supervisor for the ethical and moral lapse of keeping El Sol Beach as a private haven for a handful of rich, arrogant people who have rationalized that their wealth entitles them to privatize public beaches despite any agreements they signed.

What better argument can be made for strict term limits?

Harold Walter



I have to wonder why the California Coastal Commission or the state of California has not seized the El Sol Beach land in question in order to provide public access to the beaches. With respect to property owners Michael Eisner, former chief executive of Walt Disney Co., and Gregory J. Bonann, co-creator of the "Baywatch" TV series, they knew what they were purchasing when they bought their homes and had full knowledge of the law regarding public access. Now it is a matter of the "infestation of rabbits" that is holding up construction? Maybe we should condemn the properties adjacent to the affected areas for safety's sake.

Money has been appropriated for the construction of steps for the express purpose of access to the beach, and the county has refused to build these steps. What is it going to take -- a court order and a contempt citation to make it happen?

After 30 years, enough is enough. Have someone take these dilettantes to court to force them to build it.

Steven Moshlak



Your article on the county's failure to provide public access to El Sol Beach in Malibu, which the public has paid for, is most illuminating.

This happens at the same time that the county is proposing to grab the picnic tables and adjoining parking lot on Mother's Beach in Marina del Rey for the construction of a Marriott hotel. The county plans to push picnickers over to the edges of the beach and to another park across the waters, depriving them of easy access to the beach that they have enjoyed for years.

The county's pusillanimous record with regard to El Sol Beach is contemptible. But the grab of publicly owned land at Mother's Beach to plug up holes in its mismanaged budget is outrageous.

R.B. Russell

Marina del Rey

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