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New NFL technology

Are you ready for some . . . future of football? Times staff writer Sam Farmer looks at some of the new technologies you could see on the sidelines -- and in the stands -- at NFL games this season:

September 07, 2007

Brainy solution

The Raiders and Colts are the first teams to equip their medical staffs with the CereTom portable CT scanner, which allows players to be scanned and diagnosed for head trauma within minutes of leaving the field. The images are instantly available for doctors to review. The machines are also available for use by visiting teams.

All lines are open

In years past, a tangle of telephones sat on folding tables behind the sideline benches in case coaches in the press box needed to speak to players. But this season, Motorola has applied order to the process with its new communication centers. They feature 16 phones in a confined and organized space, all of which can be folded into a large case with golf-cart wheels. The device even has disc brakes and rack-and-pinion steering.

Getting an earful

Coaches on the sidelines will be wearing Motorola headsets that are thinner, lighter and more ergonomically advanced than previous models. The new designs -- which feature ear cups designed to work better in foul weather and extra-loud conditions -- are the result of extensive feedback from NFL coaches.

Computer games

Away from home but still want to watch NFL games live? DirectTV Sunday Ticket has the answer. By buying the $99 Superfan package, Sunday Ticket subscribers can watch every game online. The video is streamed live at different bandwidths for optimal viewing, and the package features highlights as they happen. Just keep the jumbo drink cup a safe distance from the keyboard.

In focus

Bushnell has two cool new models sure to trigger a serious case of binocular envy in every seating section. One pair, called Xtra-Wide, is the world's widest wide-angle binocular and provides 900 feet of view -- two to three times the average. The other pair has an instant-replay feature, that allows the viewer to record a video loop and watch the action on an LCD screen immediately after it happens.

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