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September 09, 2007

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"L.A. will never be a city in any true sense of the word until we can move around it with relative ease. London, Tokyo, Paris, New York, even San Francisco . . . the great cities of the world have one common denominator, effective functional public transportation."

-- Al, on the growth boom, and traffic problems, occurring around Los Angeles. How do you feel about all the new towers rising? Share your views.

* Plus: What do you think about the proposed 747 area code in the San Fernando Valley?

Bottleneck Blog

A heads-up on some weekend traffic issues, including a major route to Las Vegas and, of course, in and around the L.A. County Fair, above, in Pomona.

Weekend events

Check out The Times' exclusive interactive databases. One offers a guide to weekend events and entertainment.

Homicide Report

"It sickens me to come to this website and continuously read about the tragic deaths that occur on a daily basis in Los Angeles County. As an African American man and as a father, I'm afraid for myself and my family."

-- A reader commenting on the blog's continuing coverage of the toll that street violence takes on black men in L.A.

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