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Being delusional about Iraq

September 10, 2007

Re "Bush hints at troop reduction," Sept. 4

Either one person is delusional or a liar, or almost everyone else not associated with President Bush's inner circle is a liar or is delusional. Bush tells us that the war in Iraq is going well and that progress toward an independent Iraq is being made. Almost everyone else is telling us that the war is a disaster without end. Who are we to believe?

Irving Leemon



Re "Returning lawmakers get off to slow start," Sept. 5

The Iraqi parliament reconvened Tuesday after a monthlong summer recess. One of the few things members did during their 90-minute session was "to bicker over who was responsible for killings that had occurred during their break." Someone should tell these lawmakers that while they were on their hiatus, not only were more than 1,700 of their countrymen slaughtered, but also that 81 American troops made the ultimate sacrifice and hundreds more were wounded; that millions of Iraqis went for another month in urgent need of water, sanitation, food and shelter; that tens of thousands fled their country in search of peace, security and subsistence; and that American taxpayers forked over another $12 billion in an endless effort to bring a semblance of democracy and stability to their country. This while our own bridges and infrastructure are literally crumbling and our own social programs are in danger because of domestic budget shortages.

As to the parliament speaker's exhortation to the lawmakers to carry out their duties "in a way which serves the Iraqis and maintains their dignity, sovereignty and the future of their generations," he should have done this, meant it and enforced it a month ago.

Dorian de Wind

Austin, Texas

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