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Airbus A380 is not a 'Godzilla'

September 10, 2007

Re "Westchester residents keep a wary eye on L.A. airport," Sept. 3

This article speculates that renovations to Los Angeles International Airport will enable "Godzilla-like airplanes" to bring more noise and pollution to airport-adjacent communities. Mocking the size of the Airbus A380, this article fails to explain the benefits of the new aircraft -- which will actually reduce noise and improve air quality.

The A380 was built to be quieter, produce significantly fewer carbon emissions and burn fuel more efficiently than the current planes flying in and out of LAX. The A380 -- along with Boeing's new aircraft -- are replacing older, less-efficient long-range planes worldwide. Because they fly farther, these aircraft will open up new markets to LAX, benefiting the airport, the city and the regional economy.

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, Central City Assn., Valley Industry & Commerce Assn. and Los Angeles Business Council urge The Times to make its points with facts, not metaphorical references to giant movie lizards.

Gary Toebben

President, chief executive

Los Angeles Area

Chamber of Commerce

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