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Restrictions on sex offenders

September 12, 2007

Re "Sex offender is free -- and reduced to a riverbed," Sept. 8

Your article on the impossible residency restriction created by Jessica's Law barring convicted sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of any school, park or beach is right on target. Perhaps if our lawmakers concentrated on making laws that made sense, we would be able to come up with logical and well-thought-out solutions to social problems. It's time for our elected officials to start fulfilling their responsibilities rather than focusing on being reelected.

Robert Chickering

Laguna Beach


Society's failure to come to grips with this issue in a civilized manner is sad. We are constantly sweeping the issue under the rug or moving it from one venue to another. By now, it should be apparent that the problem warrants attention on a national level by a gathering of experts in interdisciplinary fields. In my small way, I would suggest establishing groups based on the level of the Civilian Conservation Corps camps developed during the Roosevelt administration. There is enough work needed to attend to our crumbling infrastructure to keep these people busy for a millennium. At least then they would be treated in a humane fashion that would befit a civilized society.

Russell Blinick


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