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Social worker not entirely to blame

September 13, 2007

Re "Skid row baby died as social worker delayed," Sept. 11

"Quite bluntly, we think it's appalling," said Roxane Marquez, a spokeswoman for L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina. "This is the type of work that the social worker is being paid by the taxpayer to do. If she couldn't do the visit herself, it's incumbent upon her to find someone who can."

This really raises the question: Aren't we as taxpayers paying our Board of Supervisors to ensure that our county departments are operating in a matter that ensures effective, caring service?

Personally, it appears the current paradigm is to pass the blame rather than look at the systemic issues that the county has demonstrated time and time again it will not address in a comprehensive manner.

Luis S. Garcia



While I agree that this tragedy could have been prevented, it is too easy to rest all the blame on the social worker's shoulders.

Working 11 hours without a break impairs one's thinking and decision-making abilities.

I realize fixing the entire system is vastly more difficult, but that is where the problem lies, not with the exhausted individuals overloaded with cases.

Annamarie Collins

Buena Park

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