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A surge of disapproval

September 15, 2007

Re "Bush says security gains permit 'surge' pullback," Sept. 14

After listening to President Bush describe yet another iteration of his ill-founded mission in Iraq and finally say out loud what everyone has known -- that he envisions a permanent U.S. presence in that country -- I heard commentator after commentator say that Congress was impotent, unable to do anything to stop this mad adventure that is draining our treasury and killing and maiming our soldiers.

Can it be that there aren't 10 courageous Republicans in the Senate who would speak up and vote against Bush? We have a Constitution; they have the power.

But instead, they sit on their hands while young people are dying. And for what? For a civil war between tribes that have been fighting for millenniums.

If the Republicans in Congress won't vote against Bush now, the people will be voting against the Republicans in November 2008.

Anne Farrell

Del Mar

The new mantra for Bush's speech is "return on success." It is the new "Mission Accomplished" or "stay the course."

But what's the success?

So far, we have had nearly 3,800 American troops killed and 25,000 wounded, $500 billion wasted, 100,000 or more Iraqis killed and 2 million Iraqis fleeing to neighboring countries, and a whole generation of new recruits for Islamic extremist and terrorist groups.

Joel A. Davis


How convenient that Bush has timed some troop withdrawals for next summer, right before the height of election season.

Does he think we're so stupid that we can't figure it out? Then again, it was mentioned earlier in the week that the strategy is to leave the mess to whoever wins the election to clean up. I guess he figures a Democrat will win.

Terry Robbins

Palm Desert

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