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Verdicts in the Chemerinsky case

September 15, 2007

Re "I made a management decision -- not an ideological or political one -- to rescind the job offer." Opinion, Sept. 14

The commentary by UC Irvine Chancellor Michael V. Drake on why he let Erwin Chemerinsky, a professor of law and political science at Duke University, go is so illogical it defies belief.

Chemerinsky signed his contract on Sept. 4, and on Sept. 11, he was dumped. It may be rude to call Drake a liar, but I don't know how else one could believe that it was only after the contract was signed that Drake came to believe there were management differences.

It does not speak well of Drake's competence when in the months of negotiation and interviews, no differences were discovered. Yet in the week following the contract signing, all problems became clear without any political or ideological pressure? Surely he jests.

John LeDell

Basking Ridge, N.J.

Astonishingly, Drake did not explain why he let Chemerinsky go, as his own Op-Ed article's headline promises.

He does, however, emphatically take full responsibility for the removal, justifying his action as a management decision made under no outside pressure.

Thus, Drake clearly made his case, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the man to be replaced is Drake himself, for poor management and decision-making, and not Chemerinsky.

Madeleine Dunn

New York

Perhaps Drake and his inner circle would be happier if they filled the UC Irvine law dean slot with a currently unemployed lawyer -- Alberto R. Gonzales.

Dick Gale

Laguna Woods

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