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Still wondering if Bruins are making any progress

September 15, 2007

After watching BYU almost upset UCLA at the Rose Bowl on Saturday one word for the Bruins comes to mind: overrated. In all of The Times' breathless coverage of UCLA football this year (all its returning starters and "great" defense, etc.), one fact was always overlooked: The Bruins were 7-6 last year.

Last year's victory over USC looks more and more like a fluke. The fact that the Bruins' defense gave up 44 points to Florida State in a third-tier bowl game was a stronger indicator of things to come. What the Bruins do have going for them is a favorable schedule and a delusional fan base.

John Smart

Los Angeles


Some might argue that UCLA had the better team at the Rose Bowl, but BYU had the better coach and BYU certainly had the better quarterback.

Herb Spencer


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