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CLIFFHANGERS : fall television preview | the list

When last we saw them. . .

September 16, 2007|Maria Elena Fernandez


Sept. 24


(9 p.m., NBC)

It's a bird, it's a plane . . . it's the Petrelli brothers! Did they fly away to safety or are the two hotties dead? New York City was not attacked, but Sylar was. Is he dead? What about Matt? He was shot and was taken by ambulance. Is he dead? The Niki-Jessica arm-wrestle is over and Niki won, which means Jessica (we hope) is dead. HRG and his loving cheerleader are back together -- and they are not dead. Neither is Hiro, who was last seen in the 1600s, long before he was supposed to be alive.


Sept. 25


(9 p.m., Fox)

Dr. House was mean and Dr. Foreman quit. House was supposed to persuade Foreman to stay but instead he fired Dr. Chase. Dr. Cameron decided three years under House arrest was enough and she bolted. The house is no longer a home.


Sept. 27

Ugly Betty

(8 p.m., ABC)

This "Betty" sure is getting ugly! Betty and Henry declared their love, Charlie showed up with the news that she's pregnant, so Henry and Charlie left for Tucson. Betty was on her way to stop them, after learning Charlie's a cheater, but the cops arrived at her front door to tell her Santos was shot during a liquor store robbery. As Justin performed in "West Side Story" onstage, Betty delivered the news to Hilda, and though we couldn't hear her, it didn't look good. After a brief breakup, Wilhelmina and Marc are back together. Amanda got drunk with Christina and they got locked in the Bradford Meade-Fey Sommers love dungeon, where they learned she is Fey Sommers' daughter. Daniel overdosed, so Alexis drove him to the hospital, but Alexis forgot she had the brakes undone to kill her dad. Oops!

Grey's Anatomy

(9 p.m., ABC)

George flunked the intern test. George and Callie want to have a baby. George and Izzie are suffering the consequences of doing the deed that gets you a baby. Dr. Burke left Cristina at the altar, well, more like in her dressing room. Dr. Bailey was passed up for chief resident; that title went to Callie. Alex chased after his true love but arrived too late. Dr. Webber picked McDreamy to take over as chief of surgery, but McDreamy told him to keep the job instead. Dr. Montgomery is fleeing Seattle to the place where dreams are made: a spinoff in Santa Monica. The Meredith McDream is over. So over.

The Office

(9 p.m., NBC)

Michael, Jim and Karen were up for a promotion at corporate headquarters, so Michael promoted Dwight to head the Scranton office. Jim and Pam expressed how much they missed each other before he left with Karen for New York. Michael didn't get the job, so he asked Jan to move in with him and she declared that her new full-time job is their relationship. Dwight got demoted. Jim didn't get the job, but he got the girl. Pam said yes to a first date. Ryan got the job! All in a day's work.


(9 p.m., CBS)

The dastardly "Miniature Killer" -- for whom the CSIs searched all season -- was caught. Woohoo! But she got to Sara first and, if Sara's twitching hand is any indication, seemingly killed her. Boohoo? Can Grissom save Sara from a majorly miniature death? If not, they will live on in fanfiction.


Sept. 30

Desperate Housewives

(9 p.m., ABC)

Susan and Gabrielle got married -- not to each other. Susan was happy. Gabrielle was not. Bree is pretending to be pregnant so that no one will know her teenage daughter is with child. Lynette did not have an affair with Rick but is being punished with lymphoma anyway, or so her mother thinks. Carlos told Edie he does not love her and wants nothing to do with her after she lied to him about being off birth control. Edie appeared to have hung herself. Oh, my!

Brothers & Sisters

(10 p.m., ABC)

Daddy died in the pool, so why don't we all frolic in the pool with our clothes on? That's what the Walkers did after Justin got deployed to Iraq, Sarah and Joe split up, Kitty and the senator got engaged, Tommy and Julia lost one of their babies to save the other, Kevin and Jason fought and made out, and Rebecca confessed some of her hussy ways. Chlorine can be so refreshing.


(9 p.m., Showtime)

Killing killers can be a killer. Poor, poor Dexter. He had to kill the only homicidal maniac who could ever truly understand him: the brother he never knew he had. But what can a brother do when a sister is in peril? Dexter, we feel for you, sweetheart. Please don't hurt us.


(10 p.m., Showtime)

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who is the most deceptive and hypocritical Caffee brother of them all? Is it the one with the lying, cheating, drug-addicted wife? Or is it the one whose head got stomped on in a parking lot? Tommy, Michael: You are both bad boys. Go to your rooms.


Oct. 5

Friday Night Lights

(9 p.m., NBC)

OK, be honest: Did you ever really think the Panthers wouldn't win state? Anyway, who cares about the football part? Dillon is facing the prospect of losing Coach Taylor to TMU. Now that Tami has made it clear she's staying to have the baby -- and keep an eye on the increasingly hormonal Julie -- will the coach give up his dream job?


Oct. 30


(10 p.m., FX)

Julia packed up her stuff and moved her two youngest children to New York City. Matt and Kimber are unhappily married and pregnant, but they will always have Scientology. Sean and Christian split up professionally. Christian almost got married. Christian got his little Wilber back, but he realized he can't live without Sean, who left Miami. So he loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly. Hills, that is. Swimming pools. Movie stars.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez


Times staff writers Matea Gold and Kate Aurthur contributed to this report.

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