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Tiny Travelers

Chic and inventive mini-toiletries that pass muster with even the sharpest TSA screener

September 16, 2007|Elizabeth Khuri

Zia Natural Skincare's Ultimate Exfoliant and Acne Treatment Mask (each .25 ounce) are part of its To-Go facial starter kit,

$19.95, which includes daily cleanser, toner, gel and pumpkin mask, at select Whole Foods stores and

Ditch the NyQuil in favor of cough drops tucked inside worldwide's pill case, $4 each, at Flight 001, Los


Only a few drops of water are needed to plump up these tablets into sturdy 11-by-9-inch pill towels, by Gallery 91, $8, at Flight 001.

COCO Mademoiselle by Chanel (.28 ounce) is a solid version of its popular perfume, $120, at Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills.

Mouthwashes to go,

Breath Palette by Margaret Josefin, $8 for a packet of five flavors, including Kyoto-Style Tea and California Orange, at Turpan, Santa Monica.

Hakansson body pack, $26, is a mini travel kit that includes moisturizer, soap, makeup remover, scent and vitamin spray, at Flight 001.

Pantina Cheek Sweeps gel blush (.31 ounce) adds a splash of color to your face, $5.50, at select Rite Aid pharmacies and

Natural Products' Paper Soap and Shaving Paper need just a few drops of H20 to turn into foamy lather, $6 for 30 sheets, at Flight 001.

Prada's single-serving concealer (.1 ounce) disguises jet lag-induced dark circles, $45 for three, at

Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream

(.25 ounce), softens in solid form, $13 as part of the Essential Body Kit, at CVS stores and

Prada Reviving Bio-Firm Night concentrate releases its ingredients slowly to adapt to the skin's nocturnal biorhythms, $150 for 10

.04-ounce bottles, at

Take along your personal beauty potions in PKOH's 2-ounce travel bottles, $22 for two, at A+R Store, Los Angeles.

Prada single-serving exfoliating mask (.1 ounce), $85 for 10, at www.neiman

THE ROUND TRIP No Cooties Travel Spray (.27 ounce) fights airborne bacteria, $9, at Flight 001.

A single In-Flight Mint does the job better than

a bottle of Listerine, part of Flight 001's Aeropak, $25, which includes an eye mask, inflatable neck rest, ear plugs and socks, at Flight 001.

Single-serving towelettes from Mdskincare contain sunscreen, $42 for 60, and a two-step facial peel, $78 for 30, at Blue Mercury, Los Angeles.

Menscience's Microfine Face Scrub gives your face

a quick pick-me-up, part of its travel skin-care kit, $78, at Alpha Male, Los Angeles.

Eye makeup remover (.4 ounce) and skin hydrating masque (.07 ounce) are part of Dermalogica's skin kit of cleansing gel, toner, cream and exfoliant, $30, at Dermologica, Santa Monica.

Dr Sebagh's pure vitamin C powder cream can be applied directly to your face, $155 for five mini test tubes, at Barney's New York, Beverly Hills, and

Night and Day by Lisa Hoffman ampoules (.06 ounce each) hold a variety of skin-care products, $20 for 10, at www.lisahoff; $22 for 10 at Apothia at Fred Segal, West Hollywood.

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