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Tribal battles

September 16, 2007

Re "Clan says tribe dealt it a bad hand," Sept. 9

What a sickening display of greed on the part of the gaming tribes. One of my worst mistakes as a voter was approving Indian gambling.

The public should boycott the casinos of any tribe that shows such a lack of fairness and common decency.

Alex Magdaleno



The hue and cry arising from the disenfranchisement of the Native American people continue to this day, huge reparations have been demanded and exacted, and the entire issue remains a sad chapter in America's past.

Now it appears as though the Native Americans are disenfranchising their own, and as long as they successfully hide under the cover of sovereignty, the allegations gain momentum and credibility while the affected families lose their heritage, friendships and property.

I applaud Bill Cosby's boycott of his earlier scheduled appearance, call on the Native American leadership to allow for transparency with a thorough, third-party legal review, and remind the casino-operating reservations that fair play is a two-way street.

Once sight of that fact is lost, the remaining path will only carry traffic away from the cash engines that have revitalized their reservations.

Charles Salas

San Diego

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