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On the roads well-traveled

A great drive can rely on water, forests or mountain vistas. There is a little of all that in this list of scenic driving destinations, which includes the lowest fares:

September 16, 2007

Restricted round-trip airfares as researched on computer Thursday, the day before the Travel section goes to press. Fares change daily, and availability is not assured. Fares, which may involve a change of planes, are for airlines serving Los Angeles International (LAX), Orange County/John Wayne (SNA), Burbank/Bob Hope (BUR), L.A. Ontario (ONT) and Long Beach (LGB). Domestic fares include sales tax; international airfares do not. There may be additional surcharges on both.


Sources: Sabre reservation system, airlines and Web, Automotive magazine, Dan Neil, Times staff writer

*--* BELLAGIO TO COMO, ITALY (VIA LUGANO, SWITZERLAND, AIRPORT) LAX $736 American, Swiss SNA 941 American, United BUR 941 American ONT 1,088 American *--*

*--* BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY (ROANOKE, VA.) LAX $514 Delta, Northwest, United, US Airways SNA 499 Delta, United BUR 634 Delta, United, US Airways ONT 524 Delta, US Airways *--*

*--* CARLISLE, ENGLAND, TO GLASGOW, SCOTLAND (CARLISLE) LAX $624 British, Continental, KLM, US Airways SNA 624 Continental *--*

*--* YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (CODY, WYO.) LAX $562 Delta, United SNA 546 Delta, United BUR 592 Delta, United LGB 529 Delta ONT 652 Delta, United *--*



GERMANY (FRANKFURT) LAX $678 Air France, American, British, Continental, Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, Northwest, United, US Airways SNA 678 American, Continental, Delta, United BUR 678 American, Delta, United ONT 678 American, Continental, Delta *--*

*--* ROUTE NAPOLEON, GRENOBLE TO CANNES, FRANCE (LYON) LAX $830 Air France, KLM, Lufthansa BUR 710 American ONT 730

Delta, American,

Continental, Lufthansa *--*

*--* PASSAU, GERMANY, TO PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC (MUNICH) LAX $658 Air France, Delta, KLM, Lufthansa, United, US Airways SNA 658 Delta, United *--*

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