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September 17, 2007

Advice, one golden boy to another

In his role as E! interviewer -- preceding his role as Emmy host -- Ryan Seacrest asked for some advice from past and future Oscar host Jon Stewart. Seacrest said he found asking stars what they were wearing on the red carpet was easier than hosting.

"This makes me more comfortable. In some strange way, I like the panic and the chaos," he said. And it didn't matter that his double duty for the event caused him to work double time. "When I suck I can blame it on the fatigue," Seacrest cracked. Stewart consoled him, "If this doesn't go well, people will die."

Then he cut him some slack and promised Seacrest that there would be another Emmys show next year and the world would go on.


Longoria shows she can be a good sport


Nothing like getting to the point fast. TV Guide's Lisa Rinna started off the day by asking "Desperate Housewives' " Eva Longoria, "How's sex with Tony?" -- i.e. hubby Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs basketball star.

A startled but good-natured Longoria laughed and said, "Good."

Joey Fatone, Rinna's co-host: "And he's a very tall man."

Rinna: "Now I'm speechless."

Longoria: "Well, now there's nowhere to go."


Pity those poor stars along the red carpet


"Who are you wearing?" is a red carpet standard. Then there are the curveballs. Here are a few of the stars and the blank-stare-inducing questions they had to deal with from one Fox reporter:

To Jon Stewart: "Do you still get star struck? Do you find yourself shrieking at these events?"

America Ferrera: "Do you feel like a Grecian goddess?"

Rebecca Romijn: "How is life like playing, what is it, a transgender . . . are you enjoying that?"

Steve Carell: "How are you holding up to all the success you've been having?"

Joely Fisher: "You seem like you really love to play dress-up."


How did the ladies squeeze into gowns?


Don't forget: To be glamorous you have to be really, really thin. Here's how the Emmy stars get into those skin-tight dresses:

Jaime Pressly (who's been trying to whip her body back into shape after having a baby four months ago): "I went back to the gym 10 days after I had the baby. I work out two hours a day, five days a week. I did the cabbage soup detox diet twice . . . ate high protein and low carbs. I had to work out 10 times harder than before."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "I can't eat anything good. Nothing. I don't have any fun. I'm trying to tell you."

Marcia Cross: "Make one decision at a time. Am I going to eat this or not eat this? Am I going to work out or not work out? Over the long haul, it adds up."

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