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Get plastic out of the system

September 17, 2007

It isn't hard to avoid plastics in baby bottles ["Are Plastics Safe?," Sept. 10]. Simply choose to breast-feed, and plastic or glass bottles won't be necessary. It is quite possible to limit exposure to possibly harmful contaminants while increasing your child's health with breast milk's many benefits.

Holly Hollander

West Hills


Your in-depth story on the dangers of chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastics is fair and balanced, and it provides all the more reason why Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to sign my Assembly Bill 1108 to take toxic toys off California store shelves.

Most notably, the second-page headline of your article reads, "Any effects would be more likely in children." That's what AB 1108 is all about. After a tough fight in the California Legislature, the bill was passed and sent to the governor's desk with bipartisan support.

In light of the recent recalls and increased scrutiny over the safety of kids' toys, I hope the governor will see this as an opportunity for California to side with science. Phthalates are chemicals that alter the body's hormones, leading to reproductive defects, early onset of puberty and even cancer. AB 1108 would keep this dangerous chemical away from our youngest Californians, providing the same protection as 14 other countries and the European Union.

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma

San Francisco

Democrat Ma is the Assembly's majority whip.

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