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Bad reason to stay in Iraq

September 19, 2007

Re "Stalemate," editorial, Sept. 15

The Bush administration keeps trying to tie political reconciliation to security. This is a bad reason for our continuing military presence in Iraq. The violence on the ground is not what is preventing the various factions from working out their differences. The problem is that they have deep-rooted differences that they seem unable to overcome, whether there is war or peace. Because there is no reasonable expectation that a political settlement will take place, leaving or redeployment now would at least prevent more U.S. casualties.

Meantime, we are in danger of losing the critical war in Afghanistan, where we need to redeploy troops to wrest control back from the Taliban and Al Qaeda before it is too late.

Erwin Anisman



You say, "President Bush has bought more time for his war," but at what cost? The price for his ineptitude and stubbornness is the lives of our soldiers. Many more will die between now and the end of Bush's presidency. And for what? Many will come home without limbs and with scars that don't heal. This is the price we pay for having Bush as our president. It is not worth it.

Stanley R. Bermann

Santa Fe, N.M.

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