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At least Clinton has a plan

September 19, 2007

Re "Clinton lays out new healthcare overhaul," Sept. 18

The real news related to Democratic presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton's plan is not the plan itself, but that she had the courage to put forth something specific so early in the campaign. Issues such as healthcare are complicated. Any plan, no matter how good, will be swiftly ridiculed by Democrats and Republicans alike. It's a big risk for her, but it demonstrates unwavering commitment to a principle that all Americans deserve healthcare. Criticism is a cop-out. Let those who cast stones put forth something this specific of their own. At least Clinton has the courage to try again. Instead of criticizing her, come up with a better approach, one that ensures that the millions of Americans with "preexisting conditions" can buy insurance. Clinton's plan can work.

Bob Eicholz



This is a great starting point. It seems that for a while we had forgotten that many Americans lack healthcare. While the rich get richer with coverage, the poor get poorer and are dying. Save us with affordable healthcare.

Geraldine Navarrette

Los Angeles

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