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Skid row project will improve area

September 20, 2007

Re "City funding for developer angers housing advocates," Sept. 15

Amerland Group's renovation of residential hotels near skid row will create the stable mixed-use and mixed-income housing that this community desperately needs. Not only will the Alexandria project provide hundreds of units of affordable housing, it will restore a historic building to livable standards.

The dilapidated, 94-year-old building, where residents currently have no kitchen facilities, has not seen renovations in decades. Amerland will add a kitchenette and bathroom to every unit so that residents can live in dignity.

Rather than displace tenants, Amerland has allowed tenants to stay during renovations. While this necessarily leads to some inconveniences, like temporarily shutting off water with notice, this option is far better than displacing tenants.

Radical activists desire to keep the status quo in skid row. By facing down these critics and supporting the project, L.A. City Council members Jan Perry, Tony Cardenas and Jose Huizar have put good policy first.

Carol Schatz

President, Chief Executive

Central City Assn.

Los Angeles

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