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Running in opposite directions

September 21, 2007

Re "Wheels turn to curb cycling in Pasadena," Sept. 18

Finally someone is suggesting what I have been saying for years: Runners at the Rose Bowl should be required to run counterclockwise, and not just to appease the cyclists.

Too often I have been training there and had to deal with novices or even experienced runners going against common sense.

Running against wheeled traffic (including the peloton) affords you the chance to be more aware of potential hazards. By having everyone run the same direction, it eliminates having to dodge people walking or running the opposite direction, and faster runners can pass more easily. The painted arrows are already pointing in the right direction, now we just need to enforce it.

Robert Battig



It seemed obvious that the problems are caused by motorists and pedestrians who don't look before pulling out onto the road or changing direction. Although I don't ride in a peloton, I observe the same kind of carelessness riding in the South Bay.

We can share the road if all users pay attention to what is going on around them. Officials should make a serious effort to educate non-cyclists in this regard. Of course, cyclists should be held to traffic laws, as they are considered vehicles.

Jim Halloran

Redondo Beach

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