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Old story for Dodgers

September 22, 2007

I understand Jeff Kent's frustration with the Dodgers, but he can't blame it on the young guys. Derek Lowe's poor pitching after the All-Star break and disastrous relief pitching down the stretch, by Broxton and then Saito, killed their hopes of making the playoffs.

If it weren't for the likes of Martin, Loney, Kemp and Ethier, the Dodgers would have been out of contention long ago.

Mario Padilla

Studio City

The only thing that Jeff Kent has decided about his inability to win a championship is that it's everyone else's fault.

Scott Sanders

Long Beach

And now for the Dodgers' spin:

Frank McCourt will thank the fans while he counts his 3.8 million attendance receipts and his $15 parking fees. How disappointed do we really think he is?

Grady Little, who never admits to a mistake, will not take any responsibility for mismanaging pitchers, overplaying Russell Martin and never having a set lineup.

Ned Colletti will still stand firm that they don't need more power while finishing next to last in home runs.

The veterans looked tired, and the kids of Arizona, San Diego and Colorado outplayed our kids when it counted.

I'm even sure the PR guy will say I need to give this a better spin and I am misinformed and a disappointment.

Harvey Hirsch

Sherman Oaks

Grady Little has done a good job of resting his key players this year. Soon he will be able to join them as they all rest for the entire month of October.

Jerry Moore


Dodgers cocktail ingredients 2007:

Take two Cy Young finalists (Penny, Saito), add an All-Star starting catcher (Martin), a guy with a .300 average and 60-plus stolen bases (Pierre), another All-Star caliber veteran (Kent) and a guy having a breakout year (Loney).

Question: Where's the straw to stir this drink? Answer: Mike Scioscia or Joe Girardi.

Eric Weinsheink

Beverly Hills

Your writers missed a great opportunity in Friday's paper when they pointed out the Dodgers' mix of youth and veteran players imploding while forgetting that the Angels have an almost identical mix of age and veteran players. Management is the difference.

Jim Houck

La Quinta

A big thanks to Bill Plaschke for his article in Wednesday's edition, "Brass should shut its mouth." I'm a frequent caller to Dodger Talk and Bob Harvey has been a breath of fresh air all season long. For once, someone refuses to adhere to the spin and call out an organization that, in spite of being one of the richest and most profitable in sports, places no premium on winning.

Bob Harvey is informed enough. You don't have to be in the clubhouse or a baseball insider to know that the team is underachieving, much of the time due to rather odd, bonehead decisions from the front office down to the manager.

Lou Michaels

Los Angeles

Great article by Bill Plaschke on KFWB and the Dodgers.

As the host of Dodger Talk from 1987 to 1989, I too felt the heat, but it was from some players like Steve Sax, not Dodger or station management.

In fact, when I left KABC in 1990, I received a personal thank you from Peter O'Malley. Peter was not afraid of the host or the public speaking its mind.

I only hope today's management is as open-minded.

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village

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