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Caring for the kids

September 23, 2007

Re "Bush asserts U.S. thriving on low taxes," Sept. 21

I was offended by President Bush's remarks indicating that he plans to veto bipartisan legislation that would reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program. The president accused others of partisan politics around children's healthcare, but stands almost alone in his stubborn opposition to this vital safety-net program.

The administration is trying to confuse Americans by saying that reauthorizing this program would create government-run healthcare. That is simply not true. From 10 years of successful experience with the program, we know that it provides coverage for children who have no other insurance -- the original intent of the program.

When any child is allowed to go without health insurance or medical care, our nation is not meeting its moral obligations nor showing its compassion. Congress has passed responsible, bipartisan legislation that is widely supported. It is not too late for the president to change his mind and provide children with a healthier, brighter future.

Sister Carol Keehan

President, chief executive

Catholic Health Assn.

of the United States



There's a slogan out there about "Leave no child behind"? Let's apply that to children's healthcare.

Charlie Kearns

Zanesville, Ohio

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