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At 76, still so much to do

September 27, 2007

Love your Calendar Weekend section. It's good to read such diversity of opinions -- what is fun for one person is boring for another.

Some opinions are age-related. For example, for a teen, going to Palm Springs is like a visit to Leisure World. Or salsa dancing and happy hour are a typical choice for a "cougar" (old hipster).

Personally, I love music: jazz, opera, classical. Eating out with family and friends, and lunch with my grandson (15 years old) is a highlight for me. Glendale, where I live, has a large variety of ethnic restaurants -- really excellent!

There is so much to do: a good movie or play, the Norton Simon Museum (best Asian art collection), the L.A. Zoo, Descanso Gardens, non-credit classes offered by Glendale College, etc., etc.

At age 76 and on a budget, I am never bored!

Else Grant


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