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Healthcare priorities

September 27, 2007

Re "Bush ready to veto children's healthcare bill," Sept. 23

President Bush plans to veto the children's healthcare bill because he wants to limit the cost to $6 billion a year, while Congress believes that $7 billion is needed. Of course, the president has no qualms about spending $12 billion a month on the Iraq war. Aren't the country's priorities misplaced?

Bill Schmitendorf



Missing from this article is Bush's stated rationale that it is not he but Congress that will be responsible for his actions and the damage that may ensue if this bill is vetoed.

In the warped reasoning of this president, he is in effect saying: "You must do it my way or you are responsible for the harm that my veto will inflict on innocent children."

Bush should reconsider the consequences of playing political hardball with the health, welfare and perhaps the lives of American children.

William J. Goldman

Palos Verdes Estates


I have one question regarding the current healthcare proposals: Why does Congress continually give a pass to the alcohol industry?

Congress has no qualms about going after the tobacco industry, but the industry probably most responsible for healthcare expenses (liver disease, drunk driving, physical abuse from drunkenness, etc.) never gets mentioned.

Shirley Conley


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