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Corporate greed and labor abuse

September 28, 2007

Re "A China ban isn't child's play," Opinion, Sept. 25

It's a cop-out to suggest that the problem with products made in China is the fault of a repressive government (China's) or not enough regulation by government (ours), and not even mention that the real problem lies with U.S. corporations that are so focused on profit they've pushed manufacturing prices down enough that even Chinese manufacturers are outsourcing to cheaper factories. I also find it at best naive or at worst disingenuous that the writer spent a year not purchasing anything made in China and yet never gave a thought to the horrific conditions of laborers in China who make many of these products for U.S. corporations. We do our best not to buy products made in China specifically to make a political statement because we don't want to support this type of unfair trade.

Beth Sadler

Scott Hancock

Manhattan Beach


Maybe Sara Bongiorni should go to the church of her choice next Christmas and celebrate the true meaning of the holiday?

Bud Fink


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