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Changing Republican minds

September 28, 2007

Re "Stick to your guns, Rudy," Opinion, Sept. 25

Rudy Giuliani changes his political position on so many issues, I'm wondering where the Republican flip-flopping attack team is in the Republican primary. From guns to abortion to immigration, it appears that Giuliani has changed his mind on virtually every issue in his quest to be the Republican nominee for president. Republicans should hammer him for being a flip-flopper to kill his chances as they did with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in the last presidential election. That they don't go after one of their own shows that it's OK for a Republican to change his mind but not a Democrat.

Mark Papas

Los Angeles


Every day, another Republican presidential candidate panders to the right by changing a prior fundamental position while claiming that he's been consistent all along. Giuliani does a 180 on gun control and immigration. Mitt Romney attacks the almost identical healthcare plan that he boasted about as governor of Massachusetts. They all pick up the tax-cut mantra while supporting the largest deficit in our country's history. And they all preach the doctrine of individual rights and smaller government while advocating nonstop government intrusion into our tapped phones, same-sex bedrooms and an individual's ability to decide his own death with dignity. At least Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) is consistent; we know that he stands for prayer in school, denial of evolution, eliminating women's choice on reproductive rights and war.

Ken Goldman

Beverly Hills

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