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All the justice money can buy

September 28, 2007

Re "Money helped Spector more than celebrity," Sept. 27

I can't help believing that jurors wouldn't hesitate to convict an average slob. Success is rarely measured by a moral accomplishment not ringed with gold. Our world is saturated with such prejudices, and many jurors are hostages to them.

Jim Hoover

Huntington Beach


Those who think Phil Spector escaped conviction because of his celebrity are missing the point. It's the money, stupid. You too might kill someone and get away with it. All you need is a million bucks or so to hire a gaggle of top-flight lawyers, jury consultants and forensic experts who are only too happy to come up with exculpatory evidence. Justice is for sale in America, and Spector got exactly what he paid for.

David Sheffield

Los Angeles

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