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This Week in Calendar

September 30, 2007

Susan Salter Reynolds reviews "The Florist's Daughter" by Patricia Hampl.

Tim Rutten reviews "The Gathering," a novel

by Anne Enright.

The following reviews are scheduled:

Edward Lazarus reviews "My Grandfather's Son:

A Memoir" by Clarence Thomas.

Reed Johnson reviews "Revolution of Hope:

The Life, Faith, and Dreams of a Mexican

President" by Vicente Fox and Rob Allyn.

Nicholas A. Basbanes reviews "The Journal of Dora Damage," a novel by Belinda Starling.

On the Web

This week at, Sarah Weinman's Dark Passages column focuses on a crime fiction subgenre we might refer to as "psycho-killer chic." For Weinman, this is a territory with deep roots, going back to Dorothy B. Hughes ("In a Lonely Place"), Jim Thompson ("The Killer Inside Me") and Robert Bloch ("Psycho"), although it didn't come into its own until Thomas Harris created Hannibal Lecter in his 1981 novel "Red Dragon" and changed forever the way popular culture thinks of serial killers and their ilk. Now, Weinman suggests, we have the stylized mayhem of Dexter Morgan, the murderous Jeff Lindsay creation who's made the jump from the printed page to his own series on Showtime, as well as newer efforts such as Oregonian newspaper columnist Chelsea Cain's novel "Heartsick" or R.M. Kinder's stirringly interior "An Absolute Gentleman."

Also on the Web, look for expanded bestsellers lists and our guide to local literary events, as well as Jacket Copy,, our books and publishing information blog.

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