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Morning briefing

September 30, 2007|Larry Stewart | Times Staff Writer

How can you pass on this story?

Today during Green Bay's game at Minnesota, Packers quarterback Brett Favre could establish an NFL record for touchdown passes in a career. He and Dan Marino are tied with 420.

Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote wrote that this might be the biggest record in pro football but added:

"Barry Bonds' besting Hank Aaron in all-time home runs would have been a major, riveting story with or without the steroid cloud adding controversy.

"But Favre about to break that deadlock with Dan Marino? A big deal in Green Bay, I'm sure. . . . Maybe big for a few minutes Sunday on CBS, where Marino now works.

"And a yawn across most of the country."

Trivia time

Who is No. 3 behind Marino and Favre in touchdown passes?

Fan strikes back

A New York Jets season-ticket holder -- who is also a consumer attorney -- has filed a class-action lawsuit against the New England Patriots and their coach, Bill Belichick.

The suit stems from the Patriots' being caught videotaping the Jets' sideline signals during a 38-14 victory over the Jets in the regular-season opener.

Carl Mayer is seeking $184.8 million in damages, figuring customers paid about $61.6 million to watch eight "fraudulent" games in Giants Stadium since Belichick became the Patriots' head coach in 2000.

Mayer says fans are entitled to triple that amount under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

Two-strike rule

Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times notes that, in the face of video evidence, former major leaguer Jose Offerman pleaded not guilty to attacking an opposing pitcher and catcher with his bat during a minor league game in Connecticut on Aug. 14.

Added Perry: "What, he's going to claim he checked his swing?"


A video that has become a hit on YouTube shows a sportscaster reporting the "great news" that injured Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett "is now moving his arms and legs."

The accompanying video shows a man being brought into a courtroom in a wheelchair

and then kicking at law enforcement personnel and flailing his arms.

"That is not the right video," the sportscaster informs his audience, who probably had already figured that out.

Secret to success

Cris Collinsworth, on HBO's "Inside the NFL," might have provided the reason for Randy Moss' early-season success with the New England Patriots.

"He's fresh," Collinsworth said. "He didn't play the last two years in Oakland, so he's healthy."

Something smells

A headline in the Chicago Sun-Times, after four deer hunters filed a lawsuit claiming a manufacturer's scent-masking clothing doesn't work: "Odor in the court."

Trivia answer

Fran Tarkenton with 342. Tarkenton played 18 seasons -- 13 with Minnesota, 1961-66 and 1972-78, and five with the New York Giants, 1967-71.

And finally

Paul Brown Stadium officials are facing an unusual problem. They want permission to shoot down pigeons that are pooping on the heads of Bengals fans -- and in their food and beer -- during games.

Eric Brown, managing director of the stadium, sent a letter asking the city to allow stadium employees to kill the birds with an air-powered pellet rifle.

The Associated Press reports that Brown says no shooting would take place on game days.

Well, that's comforting.


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