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He takes Rhodes detour

UCLA offensive lineman Joseph chooses to pass on the NFL draft and pursue scholarship at Oxford, daunting as the process is for the stellar scholar

April 26, 2008|Chris Foster | Times Staff Writer

"Anyone 3.5 [GPA] and up was on upper Director's Honor Roll," Morrison said. "If there is an asterisk next to the name, it meant the student has a 4.0. I kept seeing asterisk after asterisk next to Chris' name. So I arranged a meeting. . . .

"I told Chris it is somewhat of a long shot. But even going through the process, the Rolodex he'll build up meeting various people will be good for him."

Getting a scholarship can mean even more, as Haden can attest.

"I made friends from Germany, Scotland, Africa, England," Haden said of his experience. "I was an American taking American politics from a South African. That is a unique experience."

One that Joseph said "seems so impressive, yet so daunting."




Smart squad

Athletes from USC and UCLA who have earned a Rhodes scholarship:


* James O'Toole, track and field, 1966

* Pat Haden, football, 1975

* Desmond Koh, swimmer, 1995

* Reed Doucette, basketball, 2007


* John Olmsted, tennis, 1925

* William Zeltonoga, wrestling, 1962

* Harold Griffin, football, 1969

* Annette Salmeen, swimming, 1997

Source: USC and UCLA sports information departments

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