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Grading Chemerinsky

August 02, 2008

Re "Head of the class," editorial, July 26

The Times' editorial on Erwin Chemerinsky, the first dean of UC Irvine's law school, is so sugary that it should be banned along with trans fats. You "applauded" his hiring. Your "early enthusiasm is giving away to full-throated jubilation." His work to date "promises to be a welcome addition to the intellectual and cultural life of this region." He is a "warm and welcoming civic leader." Although the school has not yet opened, The Times pats itself on the back that its glowing assessment of him has given it the "pleasure to be right."

Does The Times hire journalists or cheerleaders? Many of us who are familiar with Chemerinsky's extreme -- and predictable -- liberal positions over the years would prefer to see how he performs before we do jumping jacks over his untested performance as dean.

Jeremiah Flanigan

Long Beach

Chemerinsky is an ideal choice as dean of UC Irvine's law school for many reasons. At a time when our political leaders, often educated in university law schools, have repeatedly demonstrated disrespect for the rule of law, Chemerinsky stands solidly behind the Constitution. He understands that we must be a nation governed by laws or most assuredly we will become a nation governed by tyrants.

If that becomes the guiding principle at UC Irvine's law school, Chemerinsky will have created a model program for the country.

Dennis M. Clausen


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