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Euros welcome in 90210

August 03, 2008|Diane Wedner

For sale: A brand-new, three-bedroom contemporary Mediterranean in the north-of-Sunset area of 90210. The private hillside manor has a pool, views and 3,600 square feet. Price: 2,486,398 euros. That's right, euros.

Builder and co-owner Joe Folender will include the $3,895,000 price tag when he lists the house for sale later this month, but his goal is also to attract foreigners seeking a "bargain" (everything is relative) amid this country's economic turbulence.

"The dollar is weaker," said Folender, who is selling the property with partner Chuck Taylor. "We're capitalizing on the strength of other currencies."

Whatever works!

Marketing a home in both currencies isn't a flaming trend yet in Los Angeles, but it is being seen in New York.

"Lots of Europeans will now get what that dollar amount is in their currency," said Mark Goldsmith, a Beverly Hills Coldwell Banker agent who's listing the home.

Can't hurt.

-- Diane Wedner

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