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He's still waiting on Time Warner

Scott Benson will have to sit tight until Nov. 12 for 12 HD channels the company said would be in his area by July 1.

August 04, 2008|Alana Semuels | Times Staff Writer

Remember Scott Benson? We featured him in a front-page story in May after he complained about how few high-definition channels he and other Time Warner Cable subscribers in Southern California received. Turned out that the company's Los Angeles-area customers lagged far behind Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston, New York and other big cities when it came to crystal-clear programming.

Time Warner promised to add 12 more high-def channels by July 1 and an additional nine by the end of the year.

Well, it's now August, and, in a case of the squeaky wheel not getting any grease, Benson still doesn't have any more than he did when he wrote the letter. On Friday he learned that, according to Time Warner's roll-out schedule, he and other residents of the Hollywood/Los Feliz area wouldn't get more high-def channels until Nov. 12.

"This is seriously the worst company ever," Benson said.

Residents of Eagle Rock, Huntington Beach and Calabasas might disagree. That's because those are among the neighborhoods that received more high-def channels on July 9, according to a Time Warner spokeswoman. North Hollywood, West Hollywood and parts of West L.A. will get their high-def channels Aug. 13. Destinations further afield such as Ojai and Lake Elsinore will get their additional channels Sept. 10.

"Someone who lives 10 minutes away can have more channels than me and we still pay the same amount?" Benson said. "That doesn't seem all that fair."

Time Warner spokeswoman Patricia Fregoso said that new channels are added based on when distribution sites are updated. The company wants to ensure "all the belts and buckles are tightened" at distribution sites, she said. "We want to make sure it's the best customer experience possible from area to area."

So far, Benson isn't having a top-notch customer experience and he feels frustrated by the company's evasiveness. An especially sore point: Time Warner boasts on its website, "We are adding even more free HD channels all the time."





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