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Let the Games begin

August 09, 2008

Every four years the American sports community must be subjected to the painful, tortuous event known as the Summer Olympics. Like the comedy one painstakingly looks forward to, only to find themselves forcing a laugh at what is a poorly made film, the Olympics continually disappoint the American sports fan who painstakingly tries to find a reason to enjoy them.

What we get is a month of reluctantly turning off the baseball game to check out NBC and see what the hype is about, as though it were of the same admirable quality as taking the time to vote. Let's face it: the Olympics are a boring, unentertaining excuse to promote patriotism through sport.

Roger M. Ham


Memo to Mark Spitz [Aug. 2]: If you want to go to Beijing badly enough, do like the rest of us who have never won an Olympic gold medal: Buy your own plane ticket!

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo

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