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Chemicals in food wrappers

August 10, 2008

In assessing supposed dangers of chemicals in food wrappers, we must consider what the actual science and experts tell us. ("Worries stick to food packing," Consumer Confidential, July 30.)

The Environmental Protection Agency, the California Environmental Protection Agency and the European Food Safety Authority are among many regulators whose experts have reviewed many scientific studies. None has concluded that PFOA causes a human health risk with intended use.

As a toxicologist and former member of California's Prop. 65 Scientific Advisory Panel, I am troubled by Senate Bill 1313. It would unscientifically ban these chemicals and many potential replacements.

Protecting consumers' health is the top priority. The best way to do it is to trust the science and what our public health experts tell us.

F. Jay Murray

San Jose


I want to congratulate you on the column "Worries stick to food packing." That's why we need a free press and an independent newspaper. Could you do a follow-up about how to best avoid this chemical as much as possible? Thanks again for your reporting.

Pablo F. Urquiza

Playa del Rey

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