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Animal rights and wrongs

August 11, 2008

Re "Officials decry attacks on UC staff," Aug. 5

For the most part, animal-rights advocates are nonviolent.

We try to educate the public through peaceful demonstrations, letter-writing and public speaking. We abhor violence and are trying to stop the horrendous misery inflicted on animals on a daily basis.

People want a kinder and gentler world. People want less suffering, less bloodshed, less violence. Going vegetarian is one way to stop the bloodshed. Using products that aren't tested on animals is another way.

There are many of us who are trying to make that change come about peacefully.

Let's not play up the inflamed example of a few and discount the virtuous example of the multitudes.

Laura Frisk



These attacks are attempted homicides. You don't call the perpetrators terrorists and you don't call them extremists. You call them activists.

If firebombings had been committed by groups pushing for religious rights, heterosexual marriage, voter ID laws or the right to armed self-defense, perhaps you would have called them by the harsher, more appropriate terms.

Norm Bernier

Los Angeles

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