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Olympic opening a showstopper

August 12, 2008

Re "The glow of humanity in Olympic fireworks," Column, Aug. 9

The heat must have gone to Bill Plaschke's head when he wrote his critique of the Beijing opening ceremony. I have never been so awed by a stage performance -- and I watched it on television.

The precision, grace and technological wonderment completely engrossed me in the story of China. It was not a "lecture," as Plaschke wrote. It was breathtaking and inspiring, especially the Chinese people themselves beating 2,008 drums, executing tai chi perfectly in sync, singing, dancing, flying, painting, paddling, running and cheering for over three hours as the athletes marched.

Plaschke's statement that "this show lacked real smiles, true laughter, visible heart" did not describe the ceremony I watched.

Maybe he had a bad seat.

Lisa Bock

Santa Monica


Re "8/8/08: For Chinese, a great day for rings," Aug. 8

I cannot believe that you continued this story on Page A6 and not A8!

Robert Rocco

Los Angeles

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