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This Weekend

August 14, 2008

Exiles | A story about Native Americans' daily struggles living in 1960s L.A.

Falling | A videographer's life descends into chaos after selling footage of a gang murder to a news station.

Fly Me to the Moon | Three ambitious flies stow away on Apollo 11.

Henry Poole Is Here | A disillusioned man hides from life in a rundown tract home.

Mirrors | A security guard discovers secrets hidden in a department store's mirrors.

Re-Cycle | A novelist is drawn into an alternate reality.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | The fate of the "Star Wars" universe rests with Jedi knights.

Stealing America: Vote by Vote | A look at vote counts that haven't matched votes cast and other anamolies.

Tropic Thunder | Actors star in a war film that turns into a reality.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona | Two Americans spending the summer in Barcelona become amorously entangled with a flamboyant artist.

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